dimanche, juillet 03, 2005

Of Death and The Smell of Jasmine

I went to the cemetary to 'visit' my late grandma. It's been a while and the shrubs had grown very bushy, so mom asked the help from Wak, The Gravedigger to get 'em trimmed. Since she didn't have the small change to sedekah to him, she asked me to wait while she drove to the nearest shop to 'pecah duit'. As I stood beside my grandma's grave, my eyes started to scan the surrounding. A few minutes later, I was on my feet, paying a visit to almost every 'house' around.

My journey started from the back of the compound, where a few tiny graves lay beside each other, forming one row of what can be called 'the infants section'. I read the Jawi writings on the tombstone and it touched me to see the 'timelines'. Some babies went sucessfully through for a few days and there's even one who managed to see the world for only a day.


Will I die of old age or will I die together with others during The End Of The World?

I make you shiver, don't I?


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