vendredi, juillet 01, 2005

Ntahlah Korang...

1) From YM:

Haven't seen Willie for quite sometime. And when we chatted just now, this is amongst the first few questions he asked:-

w_is_for_willie: so who is your boyfriend now?
me: aaaaa? kenapa tu ko tanya dulu?
w_is_for_willie: tak boleh? so.....?
me: am seeing no one at the mo
w_is_for_willie: ecececeee... must be jual mahal kot.
me: naaah...
w_is_for_willie: habis tu?
me: aku takda rasa nak involve with anyone lah skang.
w_is_for_willie: takkan ko nak jadi andartu kot???
me: dey thamby! I am 23 for heaven's sake! Lain la dah 32 ke.


2) SMS:

From a former schoolmate.

Received: so, have u gotten urself a job or r u bini orang skarang?
Replied: bengong tol lah! aku xda org yg nak married to. nak suruh aku kahwin sorang2??
Received: takpelah, let us become andartu n bukak kelab andalusia sesama...


3) Face to face:

An encounter with a 'long lost' friend from matriculation. Used to be in the same inner circle during those days.

"... so, where is your boyfriend?"

"Err... boyfriend......???"




"La, really lah, I'm Hannah Solo (the female version of Hans Solo. The term isn't foreign to us, so yeah, she got the meaning right away)."

And it took me another 5 minutes to convice her.


Kenapa??? Is it weird for me to be 23 and still boyfriend-less??? I like this present life very much and I really appreciate it if you stop interrogating me about my love life!

This is starting to get on my nerves.

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