jeudi, juin 30, 2005

The Water Filter

The 'raw', unassembled water filter was meant to be wrapped and given away as a wedding gift. Kenduri after kenduri has passed but the box remained at its place untouched with inches of dust that's capable to send a mild asthmatic patient straight to the ICU. There is going to be another reception in August and I see it as a perfect time to get rid of it (eeeee... niat songsang!).

However, there's a change of plan. A few hours back, I cut open the box and decided to make it mine. There we have! Another water filter for the house (followed by Symphony #5 at the background). Attention and connection free, unlike the present one that joins with the faucet and bulky. In my opinion lah, it's about time to service the components. The flow is slow! Even Putih's urine flow is more vigorous than this!

It's the 'attention free' that actually catches my attention. For a malas person like me, it's a blessing! :)

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