lundi, juin 13, 2005

The Worst 5 Days Of My Life

When then headache struck last Wednesday morning, the first thing that occured in my mind was 'lack of sleep'. But as I kept getting the same sensation on Thursday and Friday, my heart started to beat twice the speed. So I thought maybe a jog would eliminate the pain for it may be caused by the lack of O2 up there. Not only it didn't do much of a help, I also had to stop my run and settled with a brisk walk throughout the session after the right knee began to fail me.

Great! Just when my heart was about to adapt with the fast pace...

*thud! thud! thud!*

By nightfall, my mind was already clouded by countless What Ifs.

What if a tumor is growing inside my brain?

What if the pain I feel is the pressure resulting from that swollen group of cells?

What if....*

Now calm down... caaaalm down...

I woke up on Saturday morning with a resolution... and a mild headache still.

Maybe it's the dusty room. It needs to be cleaned!

Maybe I can't sleep with red bedsheet. Too intense for my aura. That has to go!

Maybe I need to sweat myself again. Shame on the knee!

Then I made myself nescafe tarik with a sprinkle of cinnamon.


Preity Zinta looks really pretty in that jet black wig! Really! (I was talking about a hindustan movie...)

When that painful sensation disappeared by the time I was done with my drink, it got me thinking.

Caffeine = no headache.

Sunday saw me with a better start but not once the day approached noon.

Then it came again...

.. and vanished after a mug of nescafe. So, it's obvious that I suffered from Caffeine Withdrawal.

Headache is the most common caffeine withdrawal symptom...

"Onset of these symptoms typically occurs within 12 to 24 hours of stopping caffeine and peaks one to two days after stopping," Griffiths tells WebMD. "The duration is between two and nine days."

Back to the old routine!

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