mercredi, juin 15, 2005

Malaysia Is Truly Meriah!

Am on a very tight budget. I have less than 20 ringgit and there are disturbing images of banana split in my head.

It would be cool if I can converse fluently in Mandrin.... and Tamil... and French. My late grandmother knew Hokkien and I would stop doing my work to listen to her conversation with our Chinese neighbours. Mom understands and speaks Tamil, though not as eloquent as granny and her Hokkien.

Just to name a few Tamil words I know: 'vanakem', 'kadavaley', 'vaangaah', 'rhumbe nendri' and of course 'sapede'. And dining at the mamak stall, I got to learn another new word: 'mottei', which means 'egg'. Add 'thamby' and you'll have one (VERY) lucah object. Go figure! :D

And in Chinese, I know how to curse (everybody knows okay!), asking someone to open up the door (hoi mun aaaaa!!!), shouting for help (kow meng aaaa!!!) and the longest sentence I've ever learnt is 'lei how chee, tai ban cheong, gam fei' (pardon my spelling or the pronunciation as I got this one 5 years ago). And pardon me if any of the word means something bad or vulgar. Oh, one more long sentence: 'sau kaw pow chi'!

Actually I am not really sure if all of them are from the same dialect. I might mingle Cantonese with Hakka as well as Mandrin. :D

I curse myself for not learning Chinese from my grandma. Isk!

I really think I have a very flexible tongue...

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