mercredi, juin 08, 2005

Hush! I'm About To Get Very Emotional

I have nothing much to blog about due to my writer's block and I've made up my mind on this one as the Post of The Week for I strongly feel that I need to have a release.

A reply to a comment I made almost a week ago sent me thinking while in the middle of lulling myself to sleep. Words were sailing in my head and I had to fight the urge to get back online. But I did not. So probably, what you see here is worth half of the points from what's flooding my mind 3 am last night... urm... morning.

My comment:

don't whine because u r being discriminated by ur own race. dont blame em. sometimes u should stop and question about ur own self. being arrogant wont do much of a help. if u are as open minded as what u claimed u are, why dont u just adapt urself with the surrounding? its a matter of choices. dont blame your own race for that. sometimes u have to blame urself too...

The Reply:

Kay: Adapt myself to my surrouding. So I should just let them be lazy and take everything we have for granted? I don't think so. This isn't a matter of racial discrimination. This is a matter of conflict of principles and ideals. I dislike the fact that a lot of the malays I know take everutjing they have for granted and instead choosing to rely on the system that the government has supplied to them and instead talk about how they don't have enough privilages to begin with.

The saddest thing is...these aren't just working class people...these are teenagers in Universities. If that's the future replacement for our could I not worry?

Hear me say!:

For heaven's sake! You are not a shaman who can Abracadabra EVERY SINGLE lazybum to a workaholic. There is nothing much you can do to persuade them from not abusing the privileges given. While your major concern regarding The Ungratefuls is flattering, I don't think there's much you can do to change their mentalities. To say the government doesn't do a thing to make them 'think outside the box' is a total bullshit. To me, what you want to be or think or act is solely based on what you have in mind. Mind is the main source of every action. Go on... show your vexation. Then, go have a seat and watch whether miracle will reveal itself. Chances are, you'll waste your time hoping for something that is not quite possible. To a countable number of people maybe but to the entire population of the Lazyville? Don't think so!

You loathe your own people too much only because of some 'bad apples of your own kind' you encountered. And why do you think by knowing only A FEW malays entitles you to make such distasteful conclusion? Your mind is very much corrupted by your hatred to your own kind and by shutting yourself out from THAT community, you are just refusing the chance to get to know more about them. Oh hell! I doubt you even bother to do so! Being too absorbed with other races, you have forgotten that the same exact thing happens at some other parts of the globe. So much of being VERY OPEN MINDED you claimed you are, you have blocked the interraction with that reality. What I think you are now is 'VERY EMOTIONAL'.

Talking about special advantages, the government came out with such policy WITH a concrete reason (of which I don't wish to point out), but I guess you missed that one out while walking...

And while matriculation program is another sort of benefit to the malays, you need to at least have the respect to those who got accepted there. We worked our asses out just to be there. Go on, pride your 'hardwork' to other malays. Tell them how, without any government scheme, you managed to place yourself in an oversea university. A very 'smart' way to get to know more of your 'very own kind'. You should see the rascism in you. It's kinda unfortunate of you for not being able to alter your genetic code so that you won't look like the typical malay.

Face the fact! You are what you are. Open your mind as wide as possible! Your biased mentality won't make you cool!

I despise people who hate their own root. Does that mean you too?


Dude, even Anita Blake has learnt to mellow out. It's time for you to do the same too!

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