jeudi, juin 30, 2005

Me And My 'About-To-See-The-Trash' Mouse

"Maybe there's a broken wire somewhere inside" -- the metaphore we always use to describe a brainsick person.

Is it already the full moon?

*sticking head outside the window*

Nope. Can't see any round shining ball in the dark sky. It's not even the full moon yet.

Then how do you explain the two atrocious, barbaric incidents that made a guy died of massive head injuries and 17 school children suffer the traumas when an insane Waja driver (maybe all Waja drivers are like that.) decided to run over 'em?

No need.

Those mad people do not have to wait for the moon to fully shine. For all we know, they might have been insane from birth!

The society is approaching the next level of mental derangement.

So what's next? Mass suicide by jumping off the KL Tower in wedding suit??? Ewww... that will be very tragic, and not forgetting messy...

One thing for sure, this mouse has gone crazy.

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