vendredi, juin 17, 2005


It's already Friday. The weekend is here!

Skipped the first episode of Lost and went to the second one for a 'sneak preview' (because it is still in progress and tho there are a few completed series, I'll wait for the whole 1st season to complete.). Polar bear in the tropical forest and I had a dream of patting the vicious monitor lizard (yeah the one in the streamyx ad). Manja and cooperative pulak tu. Bodo giler punya mimpi.

Lost doesn't have as much attraction as Kingdom Hospital but I'm willing to give it a shot. (Bila dah takda Astro, one has to make use of what she has.) Tapi I'm more advanced when it comes to CSI. :)

Oh, weekend... Konsert AF. Ayah saya pasti akan menontonnya. And he's eager to see today's Malaysian Idol.

Bravo ayah! Bravo!!!

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