samedi, juin 25, 2005

The Saturday Gift :)

Oh yes, it is...

Okay, lets just say I am very pleased... wickedly pleased. You can even see me with the evil grin. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the uncomfortable reaction from the girlfriend of The Ex upon being introduced to me. Perhaps he had told her about my status before the introduction, hence the tak ikhlas handshake; the type when you're the only one who seem to make the effort to grasp. Damn I feel good!

Today was the very first time I met him after our final date that took place more than 4 years back. I must say he looked really handsome and thanks to him, my heart decided to skip a beat. Hermph!

It's good to know that she sees me as a threat. Makes me have the itch to press the SMS button. I will dear, I will...

... later when I have recharged my energy. }:D

Jahatnye aku! Hahahahahaha!!!

It's amazing that we still memorize each others' numbers...

Hate it when the mind decides to have flashbacks.

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