lundi, juin 27, 2005


The issue regarding WMP and CPU usage has been resolved, and that only took place after countless of restarts ("... yeah, but still... in linux, the only time u'd ave to restart ur machine, is when u upgraded to a new kernel."), uninstallations and 'Lets try this'. I would've given up hope if it wasn't because of the help I got (thank you again, Neo). Oh yeah, I hate iTunes for its unfriendly-ness.

Quick update on the 2-days MSC Recruitment Fair:

Despite the Brobdingnagian crowd, my luck had secured me a couple of interviews with the 'computer security solution provider' and the 'airport solution provider'. The second interviewer was a very nice man who turns out to be the Senior Vice President of the company. The overall session looks promising and hopefully I'm in for the second interview. :)

God has arranged me to meet my ex (refer previous entry), who sat just right across me at the hallway, the former classmate, the ex-roommates and the uni comrades. It's the former boyfriend who became the highlight of the day (tak habis-habis!) :D

It was a wearying weekend!

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