jeudi, juin 23, 2005

The Unreplied Mails

As I scanned the Sent folder of my official business email account, my eyes stopped upon reaching this one name: Rosli.

This fella doesn't reply all my mails, from the thesis era right till the time I started writing my resume. To make it simpler, he just doesn't reply a shit!

1) Email to request for a meeting with him since he's super duper busy and always not at his place.
Status: No response.

2) Email to seek confirmation from him for the draft document.
Status: No reply.

3) Email to request for postponement of final report submission.
Status: No answer.

4) A request email to include him as part of the references.
Status: I should've known by now that he NEVER ANSWERS ANY EMAIL coming from!

People who don't answer important, polite emails are simply a bunch of RUDE homo-erectus! (Hahaha! I just love to use that term!)

Please take note that I used correct sentences with proper puntuations (And I won't be called FREAK for nothing... kan? kan? kan?). Not the caps lock-less ones with street slang or whatsoever.

Let us create an underground organization to demolish this group of people!!!!


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