mercredi, juin 01, 2005

Free Tickets? No Thanks!

When my mother called me up at 11 am (while I was in the middle of a dream), informing me about free passes to catch Misha Omar and Jac Victor perform in Panggung Perdana RTM, one word came out of my mouth: "Alright..."

I've never been to RTM, let alone watching any performance there. And basically, what I imagined along the way was the thing I always see on TV-- people sit, throw their hands up in the air and sing their hearts out to the songs, singer reach out to a couple of the audiences, make 'em sing and sometimes get invited to the stage... However, what I experienced just now didn't match the images I had at all! People kept coming in as if it was accessible to everyone. I mean EVERYONE. No doubt it's a free show and passes were provided but the whole thing looked like as if one ticket is valid for 5 persons!

And I felt like I was in the middle of a gig!

First and foremost, let me question about the guards. The amount of guards they had was more than necessary. And the ones at the entrance down the hall? I can't see any point of having them there. If their presence was to check for tickets, I must say that they weren't doing their job. From what I can conclude, if you look decent enough, they would just let you pass the door, and that got me thinking. Next time, should you want to go there with a group of friends but one of you ends up ticket-less, go on and try this:- Wrap yourself in a serious conversation with your friends. Ask one of them to hold the tickets and when the door people enquire for the passes, just flash the tickets for a second. Chances are, they just nod and let you in.

There were many people standing by the time I entered the audi. Bad thing. Didn't bother to waste my time searching for any empty seat. Saw a long table and didn't wish to waste that one too, so you could guess where I eventually landed my butt on. If it wasn't because of the good ventilation system and nice smelling people, I would've passed out.

Oh yeah, to be frank, despite her good voice and all, I don't see Jac as a professional singer. If she's really serious about her singing, she would have memorized all the numbers she's going to sing. To me, forgetting her lines during Malaysian Idol grand finale and repeating the same mistake during AIM '05 is just unpardonable. Oh, and even just now, during the warm-up session. Nonetheless, she is very good at covering 'em up by... mumbling!

So, next time, no persembahan RTM, not when it involves 0 sen. I've had enough.

Oh, one more thing...

Have I told you that the show just now is for Hari Raya?

What the fuck?!

Just so you know, they provided the audiences with glowing sticks and banner with the instructions of when to use 'em.

"Kami akan edarkan glowing stick kepada anda dan tolong patah-patahkan ye, supaya semua dapat. Dan lambaikan glowing stick ni semasa lagu Pulangkan... dan lepas tu anda... simpanlah stick tu. Lagi satu, kami juga akan bagi beberapa orang yang bertuah untuk pegang banner Jac. Jadi yang pegang banner tuh nanti, anda dikehendaki untuk kibarkan banner masa Jac nyanyi."


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