dimanche, mai 29, 2005

I Need Gam Epoxy To Reattach My Bulu Roma

Go on. Ask me about it.

I've already come to realize how small the world is... especially when it revolves around MEN. And when it happens again, I am starting to wonder about surprises God has reserved for me. Always an attention grabber and always the interesting ones. Herm... herm...*garuk dagu*

Men are interesting... and entertaining.

So, just a few days back, somebody whom me and my friend used to discuss about, 'appeared in front of me'. To make it more understandable, I am referring to MySpace.

And he hasn't the slightest idea that I am a friend of one of his 'exes'. Having the chance to read his messages to mon amie, I was not surprised to get the similar version of his sweet talk. To assume me as another naive girl is the biggest mistake he has ever made. Flip out upon being called 'darling' or 'honey' or 'sayang'? *Beep!* Wrong person! And no, he doesn't mean the typical darling or honey or sayang. It's the SAYANG sayang and HONEY honey and DARLING darling.


He really needs to get a life. There are more to that than wasting his time flirting around.

And have I told you he's the 'persistent' type? I love persistent guys but when that comes from someone I don't fancy at all, it means 'Get ready with your pepper spray'.

Allow me to give you some samples of our conversation. Uncensored, unedited and unfiltered.

me: what shall i call you?
romeo: hubby, honey, darling, baby, (his name)
me: (his name) sounds better
me: and before anything, let me tell you that all the sweet talks wont work on me
romeo: but i will call you sayang
romeo: well im not being sweet talker
romeo: im just being myself

Separuh dari bulu roma sudah mula jatuh...

romeo: you are my gf
me: yeah, i am a girl and i am a friend. thus i am your girlfriend.
romeo: no, u are my makwe
me: but ure not my special boyfriend. sorry to disappoint u.

Tsk tsk tsk...

Now this is the funny part. Sangat bodo but funny.

romeo: when i m on u r off
me: well, thts one thing u cant escape from
romeo: i dun want to escape from u honey
me: please stop calling me that. i dont like it
romeo: dun like what
me: dont call me honey
me: or darling or sweetie
romeo: ok baby
romeo: ok syg
me: THAT TOO!!
romeo: then what should i call u
me: kay will sound very good
romeo: i looks like as if i m saying OK


Bodo lah.

Back to the story about Mr. Romeo's quick relationship with my dear friend (and Romeo Must Die! Die! Die!!!). Turns out to be, our Mr. Romeo is a fellow UMian. Both are post grad students (under different departments), study under the same roof, on the same floor, but never really had (or really wish to have) a proper chat, or even had an evening tea together at the cafe. And again, I wasn't surprised at all. I've met such type. The type who wants the relationship to be 'off record'... remain hidden... a closed book.

And I'm glad it didn't last long. Long enough to see her being used.

THIS I haven't enclosed yet: He's a mamat Pakistan. With a not-bad, 'oklah' looks. And korang tau la kan how our local girls suka muka-muka mamat hindustan ni kan... That's why he's having a blast playing with peoples' hearts.


Allow me to terminate these people.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to detect his major intention. It is damn obvious and damn crystal clear-- to stretch his 'Ditch List'.

It would be a great sight to see him being rejected kaw kaw punya. That would teach him to respect others.

Can I give him a nice kick at the groin??? My leg is itching now.

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