dimanche, juin 19, 2005

Enough Lar...

Save me.

The forever-showing Titanic trailer is getting on my nerve. So what if it used to be Soppy Movie Of The Century and so what if Jack The Pretty Boy is dead of hypothermia? Just air that damn movie and get it done and over with!

It is going to be a tough task to wake up at 7.30 AM tomorrow (as in today, Monday, June 20th 2005). It definitely is going to take time for a non-morning person like me to escape from the Mamai Dept. (like I want to make any attempt to do so!). Again, I have to drive Atok for his another appointment. However, it's not going to be in HUKM but in IJN... at 9 AM. Why 9? Why can't it be 10 or 11??? The traffic will be an ass!

God please make Harith come along...

Since I have all the time in the world, I am forcing myself to read... not only before drifting to Lala(i) Land but whenever the slot is empty. Been neglecting those paperbacks for long now. And I have developed a new habit of not touching the same book once I'm done with it because the storyline will be inside my head and rereading it won't provide me with the element of surprise like the first time.

The net has killed my passion.

I finally have two new albums queuing in the playlist. No more mp3s' compilations. And they will conquer the player for at least 1 week per album. Dengar sampai lebam then swith to the new one.

I seriously should hit the bed. It's going to be a long Monday... (yeah, with the extra waking hours, it is going to be one!).

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