lundi, juin 20, 2005

Alahai... Comelnya!

So we were 30 minutes late for the appointment. Konon nak carik alternative route. Hermph!

And the exit is another thing.

Komplikasi sungguh!

Nevermind of that, I am now 70 bucks richer than I was in the past 2 weeks. Time to do the boogeydown, baby!

Like usual, after sending Atok home, I would linger around his house while waiting for lunch to be served. Nanny is a fan of soap operas (any soap opera) and when I settle down at the living room after I'm done, she will warn me not to switch the channel for she wants to know the continuation of the previous episode of 'her drama'.

This afternoon, in the middle of lunch, during the time when I was about to finish with my meal, she started talking about the drama she currently follows. Atok was there too, taking his time munching the food. I was being polite and showed my 'participation' at the same time by asking one or two relevant questions regarding the casts and stuff. I wasn't that sure if she was narrating the story to only me or to Atok as well, but when I unconsciously left the table (when you are full and sleepy, your mind tends to divert all the focus to the bed inside your room instead of things around you...) for the living room, I still heard her talking about the drama. So basically she was talking to the both of us, only that her attention now had diverted to Atok.

She's too absorbed in delivering the story and elaborating the characters to him and the thing that makes the story telling session so comel is to hear him interjected in the middle of it, indicating that he really listened to what she's talking about.

Guys always complaint about having to listen to non-stop 'cerita penglipur lara' from us girls. Well, trust me, when you've been living under the same roof for more than 50 years, you will adapt.

Oh, did I tell you that I saw Atok tapping his fingers to the metal songs I had in my player?

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