lundi, mai 02, 2005

A Story From A Castaway...*sob*

I took Putih home this evening. Thanks for the prayers. He's recovering. However, one part of the puncture wound is still in need of a full time care. This afternoon, I received a call from the doc, informing me that she couldn't bandage his fractured leg due to the erupted pus-containing bump. Saying that such infection to the wound is normal, I was advised to treat the wound until it is fully healed before fixing his leg.

"One thing I have to tell you: the pus will continue to develop. You have to remove it as much as possible during each cleaning session. That will quicken the healing process."

So now, apart from feeding him with medications, I have to deal with foul-smelling, creamy, oozing thick liquid...

...which I don't mind as long as he recuperates.

On a lighter note, I received a couple of pictures of the... eherm... last school reunion. Was about to request for them but hell this friend of mine is a mind reader! Of all the faces, I only recognize a couple. The rest got me blinking cluelessly. Oh, not forgetting the frown! (I only have the images of the 9 year-old kiddos in my memory, so I am strongly entitled to a pardon.)

Image hosted by
The only familiar face in this picture is the girl in pink...

Image hosted by
... with a few teachers whom I haven't the slightest of idea! (Psst, I used to have a crush on that bald guy, second from left :D)

Yeah, it would be nice if I was a part of the crowd but I guess they have forgotten about me...

I am a castaway...


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