mercredi, mai 04, 2005

The Return of The.... Maid

"Who's downstairs?"

"Aaa? Liyana? Tapi I shooed her off to the carwash."

"Then siapa ada kat bawah? TV terbukak tu."

SURPRISE!!! It's Tuty the ex-maid!

What the hell is she doing here?

I used to hold grudges against her (or maybe there are still some leftovers) and they lasted for more than a couple of years. Probably the longest resentment I have towards a person.

And I deserve to feel that way.

This is when they say "time heals". Yeah it's true but one will never know the time it completely heals. But yeah, though it's mostly healed, I will try my best to minimize my conversation with her because the hatred is still present... eventhough it's mild.

I had to end the phone conversation I was having at that time not only because it's kinda rude to keep the person on the other line waiting while you're talking with the other one, it's also not advisable to let my friend develop nightmares after accidentaly hearing her pontianak-like laughter!

No kidding! She can send Maya Karin out of the room crying... of shame!

So there I was, listening to her never-ceasing complaints about her employer and the fact that she was being 'enslaved' for seven months without receiving any monthly paycheck. Pity her for coming down to KL from Sitiawan just to waste a day waiting at the embassy and left with nothing. She's still in KL (and nasib not at my house!) and I am not sure of her next step. She chatted with mom this evening, asking for opinions on how to react.

Oh well!

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