dimanche, mai 01, 2005

Ada Apa Dengan Ini Semua Bung???

I have a small 'moon' inside my mouth but this is not what I am going to talk about. Just a notice that I need to minimize the movement of my lips. (Ezani, do call back by the end of next week. Hehehe.)

"Kau tak pergi Peter Pan punya concert?"

"Aaa? Aku bukan fan."

"Yess. Bagusss. Aku suka kau!"

"Asal ko anti sangat dengan diaorang?"

"Saja jek. Lately macam semua nak Indo band jek."

Azmir has an issue with Indo bands. He thinks that people nowadays have the tendency to run to the bands from the dearly neighbour than supporting our own products. He does have a point there and I personally come to agree with him. But before any of you start to bash me with full wrath (because I know some can get a tad too emotional), allow me to make a clarification that it's not the bands that I am going to talk about. I hold nothing against 'em. They don't make me cringe with disgust. The people who listen (or "pretend to listen") to their music do.

"So typical. It's like semua nak being up-to-date dengan the Indonesian bands."

"True! And pastu some local bands nak follow."

That first statement was made by me. And during that time, my strong feeling of disgust started to well up. I am sorry. I can't stand the situation whenever people start to talk and give commentaries about their fave bands like they who created the groups. And here I continued...

"It's like if u know even the name of the unknown band yg tak sampai M'sia lagi pun ko konon dah dikira terrer habis! And whenever they talk about that I was like Iye la tuh...band stok2 yg popularity macam New Boyz versi Indonesia pun boleh buat duit kalau datang sini and kita kat sini idolize 'em like there's no other better band kat dalam dunia neh..."

I SERIOUSLY CANNOT tolerate with posers who think they know everything about Indo bands when truth is that every knowledge they absorbed is not of willingness (more like menghafal).

And this includes those who like to offer infomation more than I want to know...

"Yeah, agree sama kau. Semua about them, them and them. BORING!!!"

"No lah, actually it's nothing wrong with that. Yeah, aku agree yang lagu diaorang memang jenis tangkap layan, walaupun yang jiwang punya, but to the extent of angkat tinggi2? Ape hasil beb?"

During my brief stay in Medan, I managed to grab a couple of CDs of the local music groups that I've never heard of : Ten2Five and Bunglon (I am sure those who really do their homework on 'History of the Indonesian Music Industry' will know about these two groups and to those who don't, I guess they will start to Google straight away and make it a must-mention name for tomorrow's bragging session. Blergh!). A warning though. Don't listen to Ten2Five after a break-up. Very hazardous to your emotion! Tak tipu!

Korang tak bersemangat ke nak tengok konsert Inul...?


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