mercredi, mai 25, 2005

Of Vets (Good-for-Nothing vs Reliable), Unpredictable Breakdown and urm... Being Jobless

Putih, I must say, is the most expensive cat we've ever own. To date, we have forked out > 600 bucks. Last visit to the vet (which is the one in UPM) made me use my 100 ringgit note. Made up my mind on not to use the service of the Obese Doc (No kidding! She has one damn bouncy ass! No imagining her being buck naked for it would be one hell of a calamitous sight! Pounds of extra baggages? I'll pass!). Her job on the cast was bloody lousy. I've given up hope on her. That amount of cash for nothing much of a mending job is a waste of my time. Always felt uncomfortable being in her clinic. The altar is creepy and the whole area doesn't represent the professionalism of a doctor.

Now I am cursing her.

Damn blood-sucking fat ass.

The people in UPM, on the other hand, are very professional. Both the doc and the assistant I dealt with were a bunch of pleasant people. Their love for animals are genuine whilst what the OD showed was merely 'I only mean cash and to shower your cat with love during treatment doesn't cover the charge'.

Screw you!

And surprise surprise! No plaster Paris needed!

Fucker blood sucker.

So yeah, brought home 2-weeks supply of the spinal chord medicine and a bottle of supplement. And now, you can also call me the 'cat masseuse'. No, lets make it sound a lil sophisticated by calling me the Feline Physiotherapist.


PMS is supposed to hit you BEFORE the leak of the menstrual blood. Not towards the end. Thus the PRE Menstrual Syndrome term. Guess, what I had a few days back had nothing to do with any hormonal fluctuation. Just a case of the mind having nothing work-related stuffs to think and worry about.

Cor blimey!

"Go get a job!"

Alarrr... malasnya...

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