mardi, mai 17, 2005

The Missed List

1) I missed the past-midnight supper with the dudettes during our freshie year.

2) I missed Payung...

3) I missed kutuking the lecturers (Andalusia and Suspected Fag)

4) I missed the cafe and the nasi lemak and the sambal belacan and the Japanese tofu and the ulam while eyeing the guys.

5) I missed the DK; chatting and doodling craps on the table (me and my stickman, Yayai with her urm... name...), watching guys (especially Sunshine!) making their way up to the seats 15 minutes after the lecture started and looking at Jiwang the 1st (who ironically, become our friends during industrial training period and till now.).

6) I missed getting up early for classes.

7) I missed rushing to classes.

8) I missed making the grand entrance to VHDL classes.

9) I missed the 5-7 karate training.

10) I missed going to the gym... and missed the chance to sweat with Payung. Hermph!

11) I missed wasting my time in their rented house and playing with Itam (rumah Seksyen 14 tuh rocks okeh!)

12) I missed running away from Rosli.

13) I missed our big crowd (1st and 2nd year were simply the best!).

14) I missed after/in-between class(es) trips to Mid Valley. Sungguh takda kerja!

15) I missed the study years... (not the lecturers, not the tutorials, not the assignments, not the mid terms and of course not the exams.)

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