jeudi, mai 26, 2005

Oxymoron : A Person of Subnormal Intelligence Who Uses Oxy To Fight His Acne

That's my YM status for yesterday and today and perhaps tomorrow. I don't like to use the same status for more than a week. Maybe just for a few days. But (most probably) never for 5 or 7 days in a row. And yesterday and the day before yesterday, this was my status:-

"Jika kaum wanita mempunyai 'cakaran harimau' dan 'urutan lelabah', kami kaum lelaki ada Kopi Jantan!"

*shrug* I can't seem to get rid of that testimonial out of my head. And I just can't forget those two 'datuks', who I guess, are the founder of that coffee mixture. With eyes of the 80 year-old man, the way he stares (in that poster that is) is creepy... reeeaaally... creeeeeepy... As if the semi-catarac-filled eyes are trying to say "Little girl, my skin may be full of irreversible wrinkles but my 'Lil Willie is certainly not as frail as you think it is... grrr...grrrr....GRRRR. Now come to Papa and let's get into action."

Shit! Shit! SHIT!!!!

*need a distraction... need a distraction*

Oh, have I mentioned that my sister is a bitch? Oh yeah, she's a bitch.

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