lundi, mai 16, 2005

It Wasn't That Bad Afterall

So finally, after residing under the tangga for more than 4 months, collecting dust that was tangled with Sam's hair, I returned the CPU to Katik. Okay, I shouldn't let my anger take over my judgement so I would call him by his real name, Zaki (he is actually a kind guy. Only that kadang-kadang he can metamorph into an impossible human being.)

I lied to him by putting the blame on the PhD guy. That makes me a bad girl (at least the lie will only circulate around me and Is) but telling the truth isn't going to do me more good either. Will put me in waist-deep ass and that could tarnish my rep. So yeah, I lie to save my ass and I know you guys do it too. So, no nagging.

Speaking of the PhD dude, I've yet to obtain the display card from him. MIA. Bloody idiot. I'll get it from him no matter what. Dah pinjam tak tau nak pulangkan!

Back to Zaki...

Inside the car.

"Is, Zaki tuh boleh dikatakan comel and dia baik jugak la actually..."


Comel here means petit, about Is's size. Very very petit for a guy. Perfect teeth. Nice smile. Maybe an otak kuning but hey! boys will always be boys. Anything with sagging boobs WILL get their fullest of attention.

He had been a GREAT help with our thesis (by lending us the devices) that gained us the 'promised respect' from our supervisor.

Maybe I should get him a nice wedding present. A really nice one.

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