jeudi, avril 07, 2005

Untitled For The Umptieth Time...

Lets keep things short.



On a lighter note, a semi-straight ex-neighbour of mine is getting engaged this August.

Her almost 'andalusia' sister is going to tie the knot this June with 10K worth of hantaran and the amount of dulang: 29.

... mungkin serba satu...

Pardon my evil assumption but I really think that she worth less than that...

(jahat gila!)

Knowing her mother, she will be having a wonderful time shooting lines about her future son-in-law and the hantaran.

That gets me wondering.

With her limited social activities, how did she manage to snatch an engineer?

Geez... dah jodoh lah!

Back to my semi-crooked former neighbour...

A comment from an ex-boyfriend:

"Selamat juge akhirnyeeeee"

Yeah, selamat juga akhirnya...

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