jeudi, avril 07, 2005

Procrastination Is...

... bloody wonderful?

My aim for this week are:

1) to complete my resume by Monday.

Note: I only got everything in order on Tuesday.

2) to collect MyCard.

Note: Naaah. I have more than 60 days before the deadline.

3) pictures!... for resume...

Note: Hermph!

4) bathe Putih.

Note: I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He can wait.

I am thinking of wasting my Sunday watching the eligible bachelors.

That's not actually what I want to do.

I simply want to go somewhere on Sunday.

*Thinking of who to drag along*

Kehidupan Seorang Bekas Pelajar Yang... BOSAN!

"NSTP is having vacancies in the network department."

"Erk... will consider about it... later, ma."


I had a tough night. Firefox disappointed me big time and it still does.

I hate Opera in certain ways.

Avant is still standing for being the faster version of the orthodox IE.

And the plain IE itself?

I need to change the setting so that my Hotmail will open with one of the first three browsers aforementioned.

Happy Thursday people.

It's a slow week so far...

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