mercredi, avril 06, 2005

Me, The Eating Machine... (huh?)

I was possessed by a hungry ghost today!


Just now, I had Tomyam Cendawan, 10 cucuk satay and later 2 half boiled eggs.

At this moment, I have a bulging tummy that looks like I am 3 months pregnant.

And no. I've already had my menses a couple of weeks back.

Let me show you something...

Image hosted by

Yep, it is a wedding invitation.

Edible wedding invitation.

Uh-hurm. It was a wedding invitation card... made of tempered chocolate.

Mom brought it home. Said it was a sample from a client. And the story of it appeared on Monday's edition.

"Apa harga dia ma?"

"Katanya somewhere from 45 sen to 4 ringgit kot."

Creative... very creative.

But I certainly won't get my photo printed on that 'chocolate card'. Can't bear having my head eaten by the guests.

This stuff is going to be a hit! And I guess by now many mak datins have started to place orders for their childrens' kenduri kahwin.

People, get ready to break your diet rule during wedding season.

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