mardi, avril 05, 2005

Makluman : Anda Telah Tamat Pengajian

alif: yay!! i dah official tamat blaja!!
alif: check kat umisisweb..pastu pendaftaran subjek ke ape.. check sem kahs 2004/2005 ..
alif: pastu dia buat stetment.. anda sudah tamat pengajian..
me: okeh
alif: just the words tu buat i rasa.. sangat.. bebassssssssssssss
me: Makluman : Anda Telah Tamat Pengajian
alif: woohoooo
me: wheee
alif: yayy!
alif: meh peluk sket
me: bangge shiot!


Remember when your ustazah/ustaz or your Pendidikan Moral teachers told you that bragging is not good? Well, it would be great if everyone pays attention to that because I know someone who decided to fold paper planes instead of jotting down what's being written on the black board.

I am mentioning about the guy in my VHDL class.

Unfortunately for him, his "big talk" has eaten him alive and whole with only one swallow. And suddenly I have a recollection of the time during one of the lab sessions.


The VHDL result is already up and alhamdulillah I didn't flunk! (only God knows how I loathe VHDL soo much!) And a curious girl I am, I went to his personal site to obtain his matrix number and check out his result.

me: eh jap. i nak cek matrix bespren u pastuh i nak cek vhdl dia
alif: ooo haha siot je
alif: ape dia dapat?
me: kalo tak dpat A mmg i sekeh
alif: haha.. kalu dapat A bagi la dia ciuman mesreee
alif: hahaha
me: WEK010XXX : C
me: muhahahahahahahhahahaha
me: eksen lagi tuh!!!!!!
alif: we got higher ke?
alif: lol
alif: weih.. tak baik gelakkan orang..
alif: hahahahhahaha. tak baik!
alif: *evil laugh*


Moral of the story is: PLEASE DON'T BRAG ABOUT SOMETHING THAT YOU KNOW YOU'RE NOT GOOD AT! Last last siapa yang malu...?

I am very satisfied.

Need I tell why?


*put a biiiiiig wiiiiiiide Ronald McDonald smile*

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