lundi, avril 11, 2005

I Know, I Know...

Just now, the scale's pointer stopped swinging at 45. However, that figure was invalid as I took the reading 20 minutes after dinner. Gaining a few extra pounds is no longer my resolution. I gave up. As long as I don't go below 40, I am happy.

I was awake all night with nothing to surf (done with bloghopping) and nothing to watch (am still waiting for the other CSI NY episodes to complete). Blame the coffee (read an article on caffeine but decide to re-read it later). Then I forced myself to start writing the cover letter. Sangat payah! Slept after subuh with a lousy letter under the bed.

Too lousy and complicated till I had to reconstruct and simplify almost 50% of the whole letter.

The simplified version is more 'hiring manager friendly' and straight to the point.

"Jangan guna ayat bombastic and berbelit-belit!"

... okay...

"Kenapa nak ke BB? Kenapa taknak Cyber macam Noah? Traffic jam pun takda. Jimat masa."

Answer: I want it to be at the center of the town so that I can go merambu without having to drive that far. If I were to work in Cyberjaya or Putrajaya, it will be very time consuming to get to the town, should I want to meet up with some friends after work. Besides I like KL at night.

Well, I only started officially with my applications last week and it's quite early to predict anything. But I really hope to get this particular post.

*sniff sniff*

Siapa lah yang masak lagi at this time around...

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