mardi, avril 12, 2005

Bad Chi... *shrugs*

I love torturing the kids with The Mars Volta each time I fetch 'em from religious school. It's time for the kiddies to listen to some real music. 'Nuff of Siti Nurhaliza. She no longer needs fans to feed her. Check out her bank account!

I drove to two different districts just to find a cyber cafe with laser printer. And when I finally found it, my bad chi brought me to a bad one. Not only the paper is onion-skin thick, the alignment pun senget! I've yet to know the actual amount of the defected sets. There goes my 7 bucks... and in the end, I asked mom to print 'em out... for free... with Double A papers. The document that I was supposed to post landed up laying on the bed, waiting to be used as toilet paper... untuk istinjak... (and I will leave the loo with bleeding.... lower part)

... and just a couple of hours before, I emailed my resume to one of the companies. Only God knows the number of times I proofread my cover letter and resume and again, only God knows how hard it took me to click the Send button.

... and 99% of my applications require me to do shift work.

... life is good.

I need to clear my bed.

nb: While in the process of publishing the post, Firefox suddenly popped out the asshole error window and being an ignorant of the 'recover post' notice, I didn't copy-paste my entry for safety purposes. After tons of curses, thinking that it's another masterpiece of the bad chi, I happened to discover that this entry is already being published. So, it isn't that bad after all... And before I hit this button, let me Ctrl+A+C everything first.

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