jeudi, avril 14, 2005

Yeah Yeah Whatever

Just now I received this:

... btw, a group of people from our former primary school is conducting a reunion this Saturday... have met a few previously but not as many as those that will be attending. kudos for the initiative!...

And I replied this:

... reunion? where? sounds interesting...

Only to receive this one:

... alamak, it's already too late for that. they have collected the money. didn't get the chance to inform u...

Dey! What the fuck? You should tell me in the first message. Thank you for spoiling the excitement. Just because the fact that I only studied there till darjah 3, doesn't mean I should be the last to know about the reunion!

Oh well, I don't blame 'em for not remembering me as I don't even bother making any effort to actually keep in touch with my former classmates. Now, that's fair.

But I want to see their grown-up faces! When you left the school at the age of 9, there isn't much you can imagine. Probably the fatso in class will become a matchstick, the ugly duckling will become a graceful swan and the already pretty swan will turn into... Miss Swan Universe...the shortie will become KL Tower Jr...

Metamorphosis of human being...

It's 14 years we're talking about here.

Oh well, cash will come in and I'm eyeing DKNY Be Delicious.

And I have to get up early.

"'re not a morning person, you know that?"

Yes Neo... I know...

Fuyoh! It's only 3.30 am and I already heard the rooster crows. 3 freakin' am?

Anyways here is some light reading for ya.

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