dimanche, mars 27, 2005

Unemployed and Drunk

I feel like puking. Really I do. Two mugs of thick, black coffee are enough to get me highly caffeinated and... drunk. Luckily I didn't pass out! (Okay, that is soo very exaggerating). And please, stop offering me any type of coffee for the time being. I can't even stand the smell of it... even when I pee. It's coffee, coffee and more coffee! Ergh! I need a day to recover. I am suffering from a hangover... (Hey! They rhyme!)

This place has been abandoned for almost a week. Not that I was super busy with work (I am unemployed for goodness sake! What work do I have to deal with???!), just that I need some help, some inspiration; but it's not coming easily...

It was a wet day and it's cold. Am not really in the tip top condition as I was being slapped by the cold bugs but it's not a serious one ('slap' is not as serious as 'hit', do take note.). So yeah, I snort once in a while but no tissue paper is needed. And just today, I started to feel the itch on the throat.

Good things do come in package.

'Good' because sakit penghapus dosa-dosa kecil... heh!

I need to get a job because I think I need to get a life. My life at home, with 'doing nothing' as the main activity is just... pathetic! And I need cash. Not desperately in need of cash, just that a few red notes in my pocket would look nice.

Argh! My brain can't block disturbing images of coffee!

I want to sleep away my drunk-ness but it's just impossible!

My room is suffocating me. I need to clean it up. Wipe the surface. Sweep the floor. Change the sheet. Rearrange the stuffs.


I will attend a makan-makan tomorrow, which is a good thing because I need to get out of the house. After all, I don't think I've ever been to this relative's house before. Or maybe I have... or maybe I have not.

God, please make me really sick. Playing hide and seek with the flu and sore throat bugs is tiring.

What am I talking?

Oh yeah, I am drunk, thus the babbling...

I need tea...

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