mercredi, mars 16, 2005

Rum Raisin Chocolate Ice Cream

Last night, I dreamt of someone.

The next morning, that someone contacted me...

I love my dreams.


This early morning, a close friend of mine SMSed me.

Why do fools like me fall in love? I need to get rid of this feeling. Motivate aku


... Aku dah fallen completely for my platonic friend. Shit! Why do I have a heart?


I didn't give him any motivation and I didn't give him much of my opinion. Not because I was trying to minimize my credit usage (running low on it but that's not the reason.), just that my love life itself is lousy.

I don't mind having feelings towards my platonic friend. It is something beyond my control.

Dear Boy

Don't curse yourself for having such feeling. And you are not a fool. I hate it when people have such thoughts. Love is to be experienced by everyone. Don't run away from it. Tango along. You'll learn something new from each of the relationship you involved in. I learnt a lot of things from mine and I am not afraid to learn more in the future.

My prayers to you. Hope she feels the same way too. :)



A long lost friend messaged me through Friendster.

Yeah, I miss you too.

I want to meet you.

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