vendredi, mars 18, 2005

Rum Raisin Chocolate Ice Cream Pt 2

I am sorry for having parts for my title. I simply like this sentence as I find it cute. Will change after I find a replacement that is cuter than this.

For a oh-so-light reading, please... do go here (and please do ignore the familiar tilde you'll come across). Been kept in my mailbox for so long and untouched.

Do have fear as "Rum Raisin Chocolate Ice Cream" will have its third sequel (*moans*) coming up and the final 2 posts (or 1 if I decide to compress everything in one box) on "Medan Visited" will come right after, so that you won't have to read stuffs that are too basi.

Items on RRCIC #3 are already begging to be released but not just yet. It's already 2.30 am and I have to get up at the freaking 7 am as I am ordered to accompany mom to the wet market in order to get stuffs for the Makan-makan. (jolly!)

Okay, I better sleep or otherwise, I'll end up drafting RRCIC #3.

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