mercredi, mars 16, 2005

Medan Visited #2

If I were to live here, I will have my Favorite Show list longer that it is back in my own place. On the first night of my visit, there was a live telecast of Pemburu Hantu-- a 2-hour show where a team of ghostbusters called Tim Pemburu Hantu will go to a house that is claimed to be haunted and do a few processes of expelling the evil spirits that are either the initial residents of the house or being sent by those who want to perturb the family. The ghostbusters don't have any laser gun or Slimer as sidekick. They are just a group of pious guys in plain white jubah with tasbih beads hanging around their necks. A first time witness to an exorcism myself, I was a bit skeptic, having a little doubt that everything was merely hoaxes but as I watched the development, I began to ignore my thoughts. The show itself was entertaining, and burdening my brain with nonstop thoughts would only spoil the fun.

Their version of 999 is simply cool and it puts a shame to our own. Footages of the victims were real and you will get a glimpse of the deceased at the crime scene, untouched. Yeah, I know we have our own reasons for not showing the dead bodies apart from avoiding the kiddies from having nightmares, but don't you think it would be slightly interesting if we get the chance to see the real things once in a while?? ;)

As the issue on that particular small island gets hotter, local news were all pumped-up to serve the latest progress on the Ganyang Malaysia movement. Demonstrations by mahasiswa were everywhere in Jakarta. The emotions were full of rage and displeasure. Malaysian flag was being burnt. People from all over the district started to volunteer to become part of the force should the war between Malaysia and Indonesia really take place. Signatures were collected as part of the support from the people to claim what is believed to be theirs. One thing that tickles me like hell is when my dad told me that he watched (on TV) some protesters burnt Siti Nurhaliza's album and posters, as if she's the one who started everything. Tsk tsk tsk...

Siti, saya sangat kasihan sama kamu?

Despite all that, there's also a group of students who felt that the dispute can be solved in peace without any need of war. I have to agree with them...

Apart from the unknown status of the negotiation, another bigger issue that raises the anger of the people of Indonesia is regarding the increase of price of BBM (Bahan Bakar Mentah). With the price increase, more villagers resorted to using woods to cook as they can't afford to get the BBM with the new charge. Some of them even accuse the media for deliberately exaggerate the subject on Ambalat island with the intention to divert all eyes from their own internal crisis, which I must say, really makes sense to me. Pandai nak lari ek?

In spite of everything, one thing I learn about the people of Indonesia is, their spirit of nationalism is something that they really proud of. They are willing to stand up for their own country no matter what.

What about us?

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