samedi, mars 19, 2005

Medan Visited #3

I am not a clubber. I have entered a few clubs before but during that time, hitting every club in town for the sake of experiencing was one of my aims. More of club-hopping than shaking my bootie on the podium (Korang mesti ingat giler kisah Red Cafe... hehehehe!).

There are a few clubs in the town of Medan. When Citra told me about the latest and hippest spot, my curiousity ran high and thinking that I must check this one out. The outside of the building looks acceptable, i.e like Indiana Vince and stuff. Unfortunately, Gandhi, the brother, informed us at the night we planned to club that Retro (yeah, that's the name) was jam packed. There goes our hip spot... Nevertheless, we decided to hit other place instead. And I pray to God not to make me go to such place EVER AGAIN! Err... to that particular club I mean. }:D

Like I told Lit, I felt like crying, seeing they way they swayed. Such a disgrace to the REAL clubbers! The place I hit was more like a pub.

Punah harapan nak flirt around...

The crowd consists a quarter of 30 something guys. Nah, that group was only minority as that place didn't make me think of Teratak Dangdut. Good sign.

The younger generation was in front of the stage, dancing their heart out to the songs from the live band, which I must say, need to listen to the Top 40 more often. A few Indonesian songs that I know (Ari Lasso's Penjaga Hati was one of the numbers played and I don't wish to kutuk that because I love that song and they delivered that one quite okay.). The sights that made me cringe to the max were upon seeing their movements. No offence, but I honestly felt as if I were in a Jaipong cultural dance show. Really! Perhaps the situation wasn't the same in Retro. Gandhi on the other hand, was like a guy who's protecting his face from being hit in a boxing tournament, with a ciggie in one hand and a glass of beer in the other. He had a few of his friends around and 2 of them were the one I saw at the arcade earlier on with their girlfriends. But bila dah clubbing, girlfriends campak balik rumah. SO TYPICAL OF YOU GUYS. Hermph!

Being TOTALLY BORED TO DEATH listening to the songs that I found lame and that weren't capable of making me dance, I decided to drag Citra to the other side of the pub, which is a disco.


*run around the club seeking for protection*

Rasa macam nak mati!

The music was super duper fucking loud! I think we had a seat near the speaker lah. Double unfortunate... and it was only 2 am and Gandhi wished to stay longer for another hour. And after a few minutes, it's Citra's turn to drag me out of the place... back to the pub.


At least the songs were 100 times acceptable than 'dush dush dush' sound.


Went back to the hotel room highly frustrated. Sangat frust. Me and my sister didn't sleep right after and we ended up enjoying HBO more than the clubbing session itself.

Citra will be coming over this June.

Gear up girl as I'll let you taste REAL clubs!

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