mardi, mars 29, 2005

How Come I Didn't Feel It??!!!

Okay, they felt a tremor about an hour ago. Why didn't I feel it? And if it's not because of the chatroom in 8tv, I wouldn't have known about it. With "katil aku gegar tadi." and "Eeee, takut la gegar tadik." stories they were chatting about, I thought it was just some mockery over Dec 26th but when I checked out my contacts in Y!m, I saw a few status mentioning about the very recently earthquake.

Apparently, CNN is yet to come out with the latest report. Only the Breaking News headline... Hang on... lemme refresh the page...

Jolly! The news is already here! Do check this out QUAKE

And what's with Queer Eye on Monday? It makes me feel as if it's Saturday! Ergh!

By the way, I've cleaned up my room! :D

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