mercredi, mars 30, 2005

Her Jason and My Jason

... only that the name of my Jason is not as same as her Jason's Jason.

It's Adrian.


I used to have a crush on a Chinese boy during my former secondary school years. We came from the same primary school but of different classes. Fate brought us together in secondary school. Both of us, altogether with a few people from the same primary school were placed in the same class... The best class! :) So yeah, we hung out in a group, would cluster at one place and chatted about human reproductive system, the latest chicks they eyed... erm...but mostly the former subject would be our best of interest (my brain received continuous contamination during this period... shees...).

Back to our main object, which is Adrian.

I wasn't sure the time when we started to get close with each other. I think it was when he was all stressed out with exams and gerak gempur. He would call me up and we'd end up chatting for hours. That happened almost everyday. And I guess that's the moment when I began to develop a crush on him. The behaviour before and after the 'crush' swept me was slightly different. Of course lah it's going to be different! But not that noticeable. It can only be felt by this sincerely yours.

Wasn't sure if he felt the same.

However, it didn't last long. By the end of the semester, we were all tied up with extra classes and tuition and revision. And our communication rate decreased bit by bit.

Just a few weeks back, he messaged me via MSN. We had a long chat about the wherebouts of the rest of the people and updated ourselves with the latest of each other when he suddenly told me this:

"You know what? I actually prayed to God that one day I could date you."

My reaction: Stared at the screen, blinking my eyes in disbelief (or is it -ve?) and trying to control myself from shouting (as it was 2 in the freakin' hour...)

But as I recompose myself, I realized that 1) he might just main-main, or 2) if that's true, I am not in the mood to date anyone at the moment.

He has grown very skinny. Skinnier than I am. He would look cuter if he has some extra flesh in his body.

And maybe I will consider his invitation or perhaps ask him out for coffee one fine day (it's not a very fine day now as rain always hits the ground almost every afternoon).

Oh yeah, he smells nice too! Very nice. :D

... and suddenly I want to date non-Malay...


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