jeudi, février 24, 2005


It was bad. Really bad. Hate every single bit. This one will banish my dream. That's why I chose to wear black and turned out that Alif picked the same colour scheme. Despite everything, I am oh so glad that it's over. I have to score tomorrow's paper in order to patch the holes this paper did.

Straight after the exam: The both of us went to Shah Alam to pass some cash to the sister. We were just concluded a topic when something suddenly flew across my mind...

"Alif, lepas ni kita takde la buat aktiviti macam ni kan? I mean berpoya-poya lepas kelas, lepak-lepak like we're doing now... Macam sedih pulak."

"Yeah la kan. Lepas tu semua dah kerja and all, then the only time jumpe pun lepas kerja or gap masa lunch. Tu pun kalau offices dekat."

"It is sad!"


Before this, I could never understand when everyone says that uni life is the best period of all. To me, nothing soo exciting about going to classes, listening to lectures and being bombarded with mountains of assignments... oh! and not to forget-- tests and exams! But now as I approach the end of my 'academic' life, it all starts to make sense and I eventually come to agree with 'em. The end of the carefree life where you can skip a lecture without getting caught, wearing sloppy clothes won't get you barred from entering the gate and where deadlines are something that is negotiable.

March 7 will be my last day of entering the exam hall and also the final paper that will wrap up my life as a student of 'Universiti Terulung Malaysia' (keh keh keh)...

And you guys will no longer see me whining over terrible lecturers, pain-in-the-ass group members, last-minute class cancellation, rude faculty staff and all. The next chapter will probably be "Officemates From Hell" or "Half-Human-Half-Demon Bosses" or "Clients of The Dark Forces".


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