mercredi, février 23, 2005

It's Hot And I Am Half Naked

If I experience a sudden mind black-out in the middle of answering the exam questions tomorrow, I will know who to blame...

Bless the camera phone! We can now record our love making session anytime, anywhere without the trouble of finding a camcoder!

Ladies and gents, we have a new pelapis to replace Peramugara Terlampau and Wan Nor Azlin. Expect no flabby stomach or small dicks as this time around you are going to be served with a couple of young chickens in action with nice bods (and boobs).

Before you make any further assumption about me, let me tell you that I am not a porn freak and I didn't even get the chance to watch those two vcds. To say that I ignore my curiousity towards those forwarded mails with 'hard-to-resist' subjects would make me Liar of The Century. Aww, c'mon! Even the most virtuous minded girl will get slightly reluctant to send the explicit mails direct to the trash without first checking them out!

Whoever shot that short 'movie', I must say, is a dickhead.

To the girl: Please don't record it if doing so will make you uncomfortable or for the sake of seeing the way you look during mengayuh. That is lame dude! LAAAAAMEEEEEE!!!! And PLEASE lah... messy hair is no longer a big a deal during sex. Tak payah lah betulkan parting rambut. After all, you are not an official porn star who needs to look 'organized'.

To the boy: Alif kata ko malas. Nak harapkan perempuan je buat kerja. Me say: You're one helluva big time ass!

Shame on you two! Both of you have tarnished the real art of love making!!!!

Sex is supposed to be enjoyable!

You guys are merely POSERS!

Tsk tsk tsk... such a disgrace to the Kama Sutra.

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