vendredi, février 25, 2005

"Kan Malaysia Dah Rugi..." *Heh!*

Was in the middle of my golek-golek session (you know about this very well, Neo!) when dad asked me for a favour.

"Tolong masuk site The Star lpas tu jawap poll dia pasal ni. Jawap No then letak kat situ Najib is a sour grape. Lepas tu letak nama ayah."


If you guys are still wondering, it was about Najib and his comment on Vijay Singh.

"It's fortunate that Vijay Singh was not granted the PR status, otherwise he would not have become the world's number one golfer. That's the truth," remarked Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak candidly.

Yeah, and thank you for realizing the real truth, Najib; the truth that our Malaysian sportsmen are being overly mollycoddled by the government with unnecessary rewards that are sometimes too much and too ridiculous, as to compare to the amount of achievement returned to the country. Our knowledge regarding the attitude of these people is something that is too black to vaunt of. The pattern will always be the same: if there are no coaches around to point the fingers at, the limelight of incriminations will shine at the issue of facilities provision, which is a less distinctive form of shoving the blame on the government.

And no, I am not taking any side. What I have here are based on my observation.

And I don't think that Vijay Singh will turn out to be like most of our sportsmen, had he obtained the PR. I believe that his mentality differs from our own 'jaguh'. Call me cruel but my general take on our sportsmen is that they are only a bunch of 'jaguh kampung yang hanya boleh menang pertandingan sukan inter-kampung saja'.

Sad but true...

Even if Singh is a Malaysian resident, he still is a Fijian.

I am skeptical.

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