dimanche, janvier 30, 2005

Padan Muka!

Based on the craps I scribbled on the answer sheets just now, I've come up with a conclusion that I will be having a hard time revising on this one particular subject for the upcoming finals. Not only was I being clueless, but the fact that lecturer himself doesn't improve much on his teaching method becomes the sole reason of why I find it difficult to like this course, no matter how cute people claim him to be. Cute? Naah... not my cup of coffee. It is trully true that the way of teaching will influence one's keminatan (can you assist me on the suitable word for this, Dave?)

Oh, since I know that this fella doesn't know about the existence of this place, I want to wish a gigantic PADAN MUKA to Na-Ib for being fatally overconfident on the test just now.


Na-Ib (12:33:04 AM): relaxmader.....vhdl senang je...


His Yahoo! status of the day : Adv Tech & VHDL Macam Cipan.

And what's your reason? That you were suddenly being possessed by a hantu raya, which left you with a mind black-out for the entire hour? Tu lah, lain kali jangan takbur... kan tuhan tak suka...

Just a few moments ago, I sent him this:

'TRL (as in Advanced Network Tech) ape yg susahnya pun...senang je...'

And of course it's in a cynical way lah, to 'repay' him for his previous statement. Since I have sat for the paper a couple of semesters back, I don't find it that tough, hence the confidence on my note to him.

And only God knows how evilly pleased I am with that! *sneers*

*by this time of the entry, I've managed to squash two mosquitoes*

No matter what, I have to bite the bullet during the exam week and pray for miracle to happen like on Distributed System...oh let's not forget about C++ too! :)

Spent too much time posting pictures!! Sometimes, when your brain is too clogged for words, pictures will be the best resolution. Uh-huh, digital cameras will do the work but for some reason, both my camera and PC is facing a communication crisis at the moment. Am now growing fonder of what has now become the latest member of Kay's belongings.

"Why you not like this phone, Kay!!! Ha,if that's so, let's trade!"

"No way!"

You guys will definitely agree with me when I say that today's Queer Eye was the best episode so far (agree or not?). A very touching one and I had to fight the urge to weep... tapi 2 3 titis eventually terjatuh jua. *sob*. With only 10 days to spend with the family before going away for 1 1/2 years. Sungguh heart-breaking! Note to self: Don't ever marry a military personnel! (not that I want to anyways, not after going through Leez's stories.)

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