lundi, décembre 20, 2004

Perhaps I've Had Enough of Going To Classes

... because I only completed my assignment at 5 am and I think I've lost my enthusiasm of going to classes. Mainly because I keep on seeing the same unfamiliar 'young' faces in classes and at the cafe (well, I still see the same bayya buat air, cashier, and a few people like me, READ: super duper senior, who are still holding the post as penunggu cafe just like I used to.). Bad, very bad. Tu lah, siapa suruh fail???

Update on Sunday activities:

Was still very much clueless on what to include inside the 5-pages report. Very much...

The Pop Band plan was still in KIV mode as if I didn't manage to complete the assignment before 7 pm, I would have to forget the idea of going. Went to Granny's place for the monthly family gathering-cum-lunch. They're having nasi lemak but since I was previously attacked by a sudden macam-nak-pengsan tummy cramps and had to fill my stomach with some food before taking Ponstan, I was partially not hungry by the time I got there (one RotiBoy is enough to keep me filled throughout the day.). Okay, I only had a small portion of fried beehon but no rice for this lunch. The afternoon was spent chatting with dear cousins at the verandah.

It was already 6 by the time I reached home. Dashed to my hibernating sanctuary with some hope that something would pop out from this clogged brain. 5 pages with single spacing... nak buat pasal apa???

I've decided to give myself a temporary give-up and made up my mind on going to Pop Band. So, I ordered my sister to get dressed as she's going with me.

Night: Pop Band

The first group was about to start by the time we entered DTC. 9th as the opening act. And like I expected, again I saw the same ol' faces performing. The half-mat salleh-half-Malay guitarist... and the vocalist- the girl with the name that is a bit weird but I can't recall it. Lagu Niki Astria, Mengapa. Aiyoh! This is one hell of a song! Got tarik-tarik one. But somehow she managed to deliver the song without going totally out of pitch, MAINLY because she used her suara kecik, the type of voice projection that some use when they want to sing a high-note melody without having to tarik sampai putus urat. Don't ask me how I know. Lets just say I always use that suara whenever I can't reach the high notes. So I know. After all, WHO can sing THAT part without throwing the any-higher-note-and-my-vocal-chord's-going-to-burst expression???

Enough of 9th. I nevertheless enjoyed the performance though they didn't win anything.

When it came to 2nd's turn, my first image was AJ's-- who has a.... err... kekekek....urm... so-so voice control who also sang for 2nd the previous year. And hell I am a psychic! He's going to sing!!!!! If I get it right, last year's song was a number from Flop Poppy- Cinta. And last night was Aku dan Kamu. Surprizingly, I enjoyed his performance as well! The showmanship was great. Got dance-dance summore. He represented 2nd A. They got the second placing if I'm not mistaken. 2nd B? The same ol' singer as well. I've seen him for 2 years now. Last song he sang was Taman Rashidah Utama, kalau tak silap lah. And last night? Terbang from Def-Gab-C. His group was the winner.

Then to my former residential college- 1st. They were bad last year and this time the attention grabber was the fiddler, who won Best Fiddler kot (And Wanie, stop calling him Rajoo!). And if my memory is still working, they were on the 5th place. There was another violinist who turned out to be my junior. Budak-budak FSKTM ni memang tak ada kerja. Uh-huh, kebanyakkannya banyak budak FSKTM. Vocalist 4th pun budak fac. Well, we are a bunch of talented people kaaan... :D

Was hoping for another performance from the Medic students but unfortunately they weren't there.

Post Pop Band

The 8 of us headed to Telawi's Lotus for supper.

"Kamu 2 ni bila nak balik? Kamu tau tak kamu tu perempuan! Blablablablabala..."

"Ye, ye, dah nak habis dah ni."


Reached home at 2 am with only one aim- to complete the report by hook or by crook. Thing is, I was still clueless. Somehow, after getting the puzzle together, the 5-pages report of Opportunities, Progress and Potential of Digital Design in Malaysia was ready. But I still doubt about the content. Ntah hapa hapa ntah.

Second Viva on Internet and Intranet will be tomorrow and I don't know what to say...

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