mercredi, décembre 22, 2004

A Few Easy Rules To Be Accepted in My Friends Circle

These kind of people really make me sick!

1) You don't have to act cool to get my attention.
2) Back stabber will be back stabbed by me... with real butcher knife.
3) Don't lie because I can detect one. Spit out the truth even though there is a possibility that I might burn you alive after that. The least I would do is to have your pinkie for dinner. The bottom line is, do tell me the truth while it's still flaming. Your sincerity will be measured from that.
4) I am very particular when it comes to promises. If you think you can't keep your words, don't even think of making any. And if you think you have to take back your promoses, have the balls to tell me instead of keeping a hush mouth! That really pisses me off.
5) Though recently I am always late for classes, I won't do the same when it comes to meeting. If you think you can't make it on time, do inform me.
6) Those who can't make up their mind over simple decisions annoy me. Worse if EVERYONE in the group give "Dunno? Ask the others." or "I'll follow whatever your decision is."
7) When we're running out of time, there's no time to parade your Best Catwalk.
8) In group assignment, don't keep on asking me the things that I don't know. I am working on the same stuff like u are and am trying my best to get the link between A and B. Work with me and READ THE MANUALS! I learn through trial-and-error too. And don't worry as I won't keep the knowledge on my own!
9) Taking advantages on me is very hazardous for your health.
10) I like to mind my own business and I really appreciate it if you do the same.
11) Don't brag about things that you don't really own/do. I can differentiate between the braggers who brag about real things and those who do that as attention grabber and to make me think that they are cool. Please... I can't tolerate that.
12) If I do something wrong to you, I will only apologize once or twice. Don't expect me to repeat that word over and over again. And if you want to apologize to me, please do the same. I usually forgive the person after the first 'Sorry'. (Note: depends on the level of wrongdoings)
13) Be patient with me. I am born with a very unstable emotion and I screw up sometimes. But don't worry. That is the only bad things about me, apart from being sarcastic/cynical.

... I won't reveal your secrets, won't try to push you into the mud, won't humiliate you, won't hold grudges, won't use your money for my own benefits, won't take advantages on your weaknesses, won't talk about you behind your back, won't be inconsiderate, won't laugh when you fall off your chair, won't nag you when you do something bad, won't become a busybody friend, will keep my mouth shut even when you don't ask me to, will try to be an attentive listener to your agony, will help you as much as I can...

(nb: expandable...)

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