dimanche, décembre 19, 2004

Of Having A Psychic Ability, The Sewerage and Becoming A Contractor

Despite the express sleep I had the dawn before; I somehow managed to reach the REM phase sooner than it's supposed to be. This time, it's about what was served for lunch. It was a quick display of images of my shaking (Dave, I need your help with the usage of this phrase) the plastic container of the 'rencah' for laksa Johor that resided in the fridge. And later this afternoon, mom told me that we were having that for lunch. Should I start to register to The Psychic Academy?

On the previous day, listening to dad's stories on the condition of the houses he's fixing made me a bit eager to see the place myself. So, being as 'excited' as a puppy I was, I confirm my 'attendance' to accompany him to the site and see all the works done. The condition of the quarters are a little on the 'pathetic but acceptable' side. 'Pathetic' as in the surrounding area and the sewerage pipes while 'acceptable' is in term of 'state of cleanliness'. If you were to ask me of my default object as comparison, think of the high-rise flats in Cheras (Flet Sri Sabah and the others...). You are considered 'terrer' if you manage to hold your breath inside the elevator all the way to the 12th floor and while walking down two floors to get to the 10th floor. Truth be told I tried my best and my best was only until the 4th floor.

So back to the quarters, both me and dad went into each house and I must say that the unit is quite spacious for a 2-room flat. The dining is larger than those of the typical low-cost flats and the room can accommodate up 3 single beds. By the time I got there, they were already working on the tiles, except for an empty unit which is still sitting at the initial phase. On what I was told, when his worker broke the old, rusty and clogged sewage pipe, all the 'decomposing solids' together with wiggling maggots spilled all over the place, including on the worker's body. One good thing about this guy is that he doesn't mind doing the dirty work without using any glove or even going to the extent of 'digging' the stuff out with his bare hands. And when we got there for the second time, he was already on his boxer short, carrying the old pipes to the disposal area. Boxer short? Err... no comment. Oh yeah, did I mention that one of the residents is the father of Titus James? Dah besar dah budak tu...

Later the day, I followed dad to the TNB office in Bangsar to see the supervisor-in-charge and this is what he said to me before we left:

"Try la take over bisnes ayah. Rugi kalau tak ada sesiapa yang nak ambik alih."

...and I replied with a smile.

"... macam Tan Sri Yahya tu..."

Tan Sri who???

"... lepas dia meninggal, takda siapa yang take over. Anak dia semua tak minat. Rugi."

... and dad interjected ...

"Partner dia lah yang untung besar!"

I gave that uncle the 'too-bad-about-that' look.

Aiyoh, this is a tough one. Being geared up with a dim-witted mind on business, I dare not try my luck and I also can see the same with the other two sisters.

Easy money with a very not so easy option.

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