vendredi, décembre 31, 2004

Only An Ignoramus Will Believe This Picture!

This is the picture I received in my inbox, sent by a friend who apparently, seems to misplaced her Geography facts somewhere in the dumpster and I really feel sorry for her and the others who actually believe that THIS PICTURE is how tsunami looks like from the satellite view.

Those who get this picture, PLEASE and PLEASE open your eyes and use your common sense.

THIS IS THE PICTURE OF A HURRICANE! And the stretched area is FLORIDA (in case if you don't know where Florida is, go Google the USA map!)

Adoih adoih!

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satellite photo of new orleans a dit…

~kAy~ fUad, did you know that the placement of a donkey's eyes in its' skull enables it to see all four of its’ feet at all times? Find these and other obscure free satellite map