samedi, décembre 04, 2004

Looks Can Be Very Tipu! (This is going to be quite a long entry)

I may have a I-don't-give-a-single-shit-about-everything face, but you might be surprised when you eventually decide to chat me up; provided that you don't start with a crappy, lame line. Tak percaya? Try to ask my roommates in matriculation or a few other friends of mine. I wasn't born with a sweet, approachable type of face, unlike my younger sister who can make friends with everything (yeah, even with the flowerhorn...). Small children will cry their heart out when I shoot them with my cold stare. And being in my arms is something they want to avoid... big time! I don't really like children... I eat them!

Despite all that, I must say that there are a few courageous kids who find me... friendly. Ya know, the reaction kiddies will give to someone who they find harmless and good. Me? Good? I eat your kind, children!!!

This afternoon, as I was walking towards my car from my aunt's house, I was suddenly being greeted by a small boy on a bicycle around the age of 5, with a simple yet unexpected "Hi akak.” For a nanosecond, I was startled with the 'Hi' but managed to reply with a smile (that weird smile will turn my expression from a monster to an innocent!). Such a brave and good boy, though I don't know the motive behind that. Mungkin aku look weird kot. Brownie points for him and the rest who took the risk to being friendly with me.

Just a few hours ago, I chatted with a not-so-long lost friend and one of the topics was about looks too. He told me about a time when he spotted a couple of very young girls, 14 to 15 years of age, staring at him (FYI, he just turned 37 last Monday). Having a quite handsome face, he asked me regarding that matter-- young girls being 'attracted' to him. I have my own explanation on that.

I have to admit that I am attracted to him too, only that I am not 14. He is good looking, like Tan Sri Mahalil of Proton type of feature. With defined facial muscle and shape of the face, it is something that will make me cair. You see, there are a few types of guys. One of them is the ones who don't have to dress to impress in order to look sophisticated. Prada and Gucci will have to go away. Throw them anything and they will still look handsome and stunning (Don't even mention about the thong!). The other type: Ties and tailored suit will make girls drool. Casual wear...? They're no more than the Average Joe. But still attractive. Dress to impress scale: 5. The next majority group is the 'Grooming Classes and Extreme Makeover Needed ASAP' type. (aku sangat jahat!). I don't want to become cruel, so I better leave out the description.

My friend is Type One. Still available. Wants a girl who doesn't feel insecure, vulnerable and helpless about herself.

Oh I do pray for you, Sham!

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