dimanche, décembre 05, 2004

My Left Foot Is Cursed!

The injury I received a few days back is not the end of my foot torment. And this afternoon, while taking the ground coffee jar from the shelf, my arm accidentally brushed a bottle of the 2L orange cordial. It fell down with the edge of the base landed on my left foot. The worst part is, the bottle wasn't even a quarter empty! The content is still untouched! Nasib baik tak bengkak or I will have to call my aunt in PD for the wheelchair. I have 2 places to go tomorrow and both occasions necessitate me to wear proper shoes, where selipar toilet is totally intolerable and unacceptable. Nasib baik kereta bukan manual. Kalau tak, berkerut la muka tahan sakit. A neighbor of mine, who is a tukang urut told me once that you mustn't manjakan your pain. Otherwise, your body will get used to it and jadi mengada-ngada towards future petty discomforts. She has a point but unfortunately it's not applicable for my type of pain (as she only meant it for sprains.). Gila ke hapa nak buat macam tu kat luka?! Koyak kaki aku nanti!

Pfuuh, pfuuuuh! Ya Allah, jauhkanlah kaki hamba-Mu ini dari bala lagi. Amin.

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