jeudi, décembre 02, 2004

"He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not!..."

This is something that will always reside at my Bottom 3 Blog Topic. I'm afraid I would end up sounding cheeky/desperate or shooting my biased 2 cents to the Martians... READ: UNintentionally. But now, I am talking about it. So, just shut up!

Nik broke the news of her future engagement this morning. And my first word was none other than the typical 'Whoa'. Not the "WHOA" Whoa, but more of the 'whoa...' Whoa. I am getting to get used to it as I'll be getting more invitations in no time now as most are already working and dah ready. Don't ask about me. Even if I want to get married, who am I marrying? Kawen sorang-sorang?

It would be a bit exciting to think about my turn. I mean imagining the day when I start to arrange for the food, dress, venue...yada yada yada... But unfortunately my imagination couldn't go any further than the day I'm getting my scroll. Now that is something that I can imagine very well!

Now I just remember something. I was having my brunch at one of the cafes in HUKM yesterday noon and there were 2 young doctors sitting at a table beside me, chatting about their former schoolmates. Then one of them started to talk about a friend of hers who got married at the not-so-very tender age of 16. That got me thinking. What is actually the legal age for girls untuk kahwin in Malaysia?

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