dimanche, octobre 24, 2004

Selamat Pagi Ahad

My new colour scheme: very eye-unfriendly and very not inviting. Be it. That grey is dull.

I am wondering about the reason that lies behind my postponement of re-writing the report when the dead "I-am-so-very-dead-if-I-don't-print-it-by-tomorrow" line I set is Monday. It's 15 past 3 am and here I am, typing the next entry and thinking about the softness of the comforter in between.

I saw one of the locations of the Last 10 Visitors list and to my surprize, one of them came from my university. Dave! Does this mean they have fixed the Ban List problem? I should beware of this. Damn if The 2 Men happen to discover this place. I hate talking in codes!

Update on Creepy Guy: he tried to call but thank to my still-availabe lucky stars, I wasn't around when the phone rang. At least I don't have to make up excuses. I know that he'll try again and I very damn well know that I am not going to pick up the phone. Yeah Rick, I am mean... very mean.

I am going to end my misery people. No worries as no wrists are going to get slashed and the paraquat will not lose a few hundreds of mL. I am just going to get back to my long-overdue code analysis. Dang!

On a lighter issue:

Things to pay attention to when it comes to reading The Signs from Men:~

Situation: When he utters the confident intonation of 'No' upon being asked whether he's up to any relationship.

Intonation Definition#1- He IS in the courting stage and clearly doesn't want you to put any high hope on him. In this case, just move on with your life...(and mine)

Intonation Definition#2- A case of a badly molested heart. This guy is still taking his break and if you still want to try your luck, I can only say: May the force be with you...(and me). It's about sheer determination with a handful of luck. Not good as, if you really like that guy, you might miss something good along the way. Analyze the availabilities you have.

Intonation Definition#3- Face it! He is only interested in those with dicks!

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