jeudi, octobre 21, 2004

Apa Nak Jadi Ni???

Another slow day. But a very nice one. Yeap, it was the rain, the very very heavy rain. That what made the day beautiful... to me, though I need to find a way to increase the thickness of the fat under my skin as I couldn't stop complaining about the chilly air. A few people including a very nice, concerned neighbor keep on telling me that I'm getting thinner. My limit is 40. As long as the scale doesn't go below that figure, I will not seek for help (though I seriously need a food that can boost my appetite.). And no, I am not bulimic or anorexic. Just a girl who is born with high metabolic rate. In fact, I should award myself with a medal for being able to finish up my nasi goreng pattaya.

Cruising on KL road at night is thereupetic especially when you are not the one who is driving. Tasik Titiwangsa at night is still 'occupied' despite the fasting month. Oh well, none of my bussiness. I enjoyed my 'skodeng' session. :D .................... Boo!

I want to have a cup of tea before hitting the bed but am too sleepy to even get my ass off the chair. The mug on the radio looks tempting... as if it's filled... with tea. Alright, I'll make some. After all, need to get Sam into the house. Merayau je that rascal.

It's Liyana's birthday. Nair mind the wish. Am running low on credit. Not enough to send any SMS. Maybe tengah gayut with her bf who is... take note... a year older than I am.

Herm... interesting...

(In case if you're having a nasty thought of me trying to flirt with him, let me correct you that it is his FRIENDS that I was aiming at.)

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