lundi, octobre 11, 2004

It's My Day, My Happy Happy Day... heh!

Two down and two more to go. I am phewing a semi-tremendous relief. However, I suffer from sleep deprivation. My only sleep was on Sunday's evening for 2 1/2 hours, upon arriving home with a full stomach, resulting from that particular karipap. Superbly marvelous! Outstanding recipe with perfect flour mixture for the kulit and the underscribable-gila-babi-punya-sedap inti. Okay, I got carried away. Sorry. Maybe I should ask mom to order 50 for me (They are kecik alright!!!)

Last minute revision of French Culture and Civilization. Didn't know what to expect but the tips were given: memorize the important people, places, art, cities and bla bla bla... Looked too easy lah.

Don't get me wrong. Not that I want it to be tough but what I 'congak'ed didn't look and sound right. Too easy for a set of question. I did what was said anyways. The question? Not unsangkerebel. And I wasn't surprised when Syed left the place first after one hour. I was the third to leave. Two big tin biskut of gasoline to burn the pelita were not a waste. :P

C++: was okay but I guess I've already lost a few points on a few parts. Can you believe that I only realized about the mistakes on my way home? In the car? Driving? Sheez!

Monday. Yep, it's today.

I have to start doing the report whether I like it or not. Based on my schedule, I am supposed to complete another 2 chapters of E-Commerce. Time allocation... time allocation... efficiency calculated: bad... very bad...

I'm on a mission to download all the CSI series. So far, most of the episodes are of the 4th season. Managed to get the first episode of CSI New York too. The setting is very much like the typical USA Police Department ambience; the NYPD Blue type with gloomy but sophisticated office. The casts: Another typical police attitude fellas but with special skills! A bunch of garang and serious people. First episode was okay but not very well cultivated and elaborated. I've yet to watch the second one. A bit eager to find out. :)

Cheerio people. Ms Kay is about to get her beauty sleep. She already looks like an undead.

Tido timeeeeeee!!!

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